Counting Cost


Loss or gain, count your cost

Beyond Mathematics or Accounting, count the cost

It is time to build, count the cost

It’s battle time, count your cost

Before spewing out those words, count the cost

You want to start a relationship, count the cost

You want begin that business, count the cost

Save yourself from shame by; counting cost

Emerge successful by counting cost

Love will cost you

Hate will cost you

People will cost you

Life will cost you

Investments will cost you

Even Jesus counted His cost

Begin to count the cost, clarity and proper planning will set in

Count your cost today

(Luke 14:25-34)


3 Classes Of People


It is often said that he that doesn’t work should not eat. Now it is beyond a he thing. Everyone; male or female have/ need to work. We pray for a job and doors open for some in areas they are qualified in and for other, areas they are not qualified for.There are many ways we can approach the job we got. This is how a job is approached by my 3 classes of people

  1. Those who take the job God gave them seriously ( this is not not to say we should turn the job into a god)
  2. Those with natural abilities to do the job God gave them and work hard
  3. Those who know that God gave them the job and depend on Him for execution.( working as unto the Lord, with a greater purpose of meeting needs)

This is just to encourage you to be grateful for having a job and to work with all your heart till a new shift comes. Have a great working day

Lyrical Motivation- He Loves Us


He is jealous for me
Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree
Bending beneath the weight of his wind and mercy

When all of a sudden
I am unaware of these afflications eclipsed by glory
And I realize just how beautiful you are
And how great your affections are for me

And oh, how he loves us so
Oh how he loves us
How he loves us so

You are so loved i tell. You better believe it. His love sets us free.

I Can’t Do With Your


Your validation validates

Your praise raises

Your favour erases stress

Your grace en-graces

Your love saves

Your peace quietens

Your arm protects

Your eyes establishes worth

Your voice makes a difference

Your breath livens

Your blood works

Your presence is mighty

Your singing is rejoicing

Without You, there is no me


Stop All The “Fakeness”


We don’t seem to understand why! Why people just can’t be themselves? Why people can’t be real. If I love you I will tell you, just to free my emotions. If I see your lips and it’s so cute and I want kiss them; though I won’t ( #righttiming) but the reason I get to be honest is because I won’t give it room to make me feel guilty. The truth setting us free is deeper than just knowing the Word.

You criticize people for being themselves because you fear being you; so as to save face with men. That’s enslaving for you because this men you are saving faces for in some part of them know that you are not real.

You wear short cloths to work and get all “nunnery” when it’s church time? Continue reading

A Validated Key To Success


Truth be told, you have been hand picked and gifted.My gifting might not be in same measure as yours but then that doesn’t limit my gift because yours is more. You were created for more. Sometimes a dream has been birthed in us and we share it with the right peoples. Sometimes we even share it with the wrong persons but then it is not about who you share it with it is about what you do with the dream you believed you received.

The only how our talent and dreams and gifts will succeed is if we stay FOCUSED. Yes focus is a validated key to success. This is not to say that your vision will not be challenged by situation, circumstances or even people but the only way you will make it is if you stay focused on that which you have received and the Giver then there is no stopping you

Do not throw in the towel. Stay focused