Be-careful What You Fear


quotes-Energy-and-persisten-408x612.jpgLife happens and things happen. Some leave us in fear and others leave us excited and expectant. Somethings happened in the past few years and thought it came as a shock to me and not to me but it made me fearful

The thing with fear is that if care is not taken or the right measures put in place, it will damage your life if you let it take root. And before you know it the devil uses it to build up a stronghold to torment faith out of you.

My advice for someone today is give no room to fear. Instead channel that energy into positive declarations. Whatever it is you fear, think the opposite of that. Strongholds are hard to break so prevent your fear from growing into a stronghold. The Holy Spirit has been helping me and will help you too. Just love God more.

Happy Sunday


Confidence In The Handrail


Holding on the handrail with every strength in my body ; i mean with all my might, the bus swayed from one corner to another as we took turns. Because i was so plucked to the handrail with every might in me, as we took turns i was standing so strong and firm as if driving in a sports car on the racing tracks. My feet didn’t move neither did i stutter. I was so focused just then a flash thought came to my mind ” what if the pole should fall apart? it will be a spill-over effect as i would fall on those behind me and they will on others and who knows where the fall will stop on those on the seats or where? Those were just my thoughts.time.png

As I lost concentration , being drowned in my thoughts, i didn’t know we had gotten to yet another bus stop were some passengers had to alight. Once the bus took off i found my feet wobbling and i vibrated from one point to the next from the jerk lol

Then i began having this ministration in my heart. I remembered Peter at the command of Jesus to walk on water, he began walking as his focus was on Christ but as soon as he began looking at the water, he sank ( Matt 14:25-31). (Once we hold on to God. Keep our focus on Christ and let the Holy Spirit lead us, nothing can shake us. we can stand strong and all even in odds. Once our focus shifts from God to people or situation or circumstance, a fall is inevitable. The same we have confidence in all manner of handrails in our lives ( job, spouse, finances, government, uncles etc) if we could just hold this strong on God having confidence that He will never leave us or forsake us ( Heb 13:4), There shall be to limit to the heights we will attain in life.

Let our hearts, mind, strength and might be focused on Christ alone

Do You Have A Stronghold?


Our approach to the messages from God will determine our outcome in life. God’s love for us is unarguable fixed. Despite His unfailing love it doesn’t stop Him from being blunt with us and He expects us to be blunt with Him in Holy reverence.

God bluntly sent a major prophet to tell Hezekiah to put his house in order as he is going to die. Hezekiah did not approach this casually or as a perfect verdict. No; he Continue reading