Tips On How To Be Found By Yours – 3


quotes-Until-you-do-what-isNow onto our 3rd tip on how to be found by yours

Tip 3 : Get Working

Yes I know you already have a job or are in the process of getting one. However, that is not what I mean. Begin working on yourself both on your in-looks and out-looks. You must be pleasantly admirable. We do marry humans not spirits… so work on both the physical you and the spirit you. Work on your potentials.Put your priorities in order.

Take this single season to grow yourself into the best of you that you can be because when married you will be occupied by many new things and you need to be in a state to attract what whom you desire

A wise man once said that “until you do the right thing, your rights will not be given to you” so get working so you can attract what will make for your glorious destiny

Tips On How To Be Found By Yours- 2


Your want to be found be yours, my next tip

Tip 2: Be Content

This is not to say get sloppy or lose interest but celebrate this stage of singleness knowing that chance and time happens to all. If you keep wishing you were in a relationship or married, you will miss out on the fun of this stage and the learning you need to, do that will prepare you for the next of your life.

Life is in stages. Some people maybe ahead of you at one stage or another, it doesn’t mean your turn will not come. Creation was purposefully made so celebrate where you are now and look forward to where you will be soonest not from the eyes of desperation but from a place of confidence and worth.

Hope tip 1 was helpful. Stay blessed

Long Distance Relationship: An Escape Route From Pre-marital Sex


Relationships are the best thing in this life. It could be with God, parents, children, husband, wife, friends, cousins and the list is endless. However today , I want to share mine which was an emotional one where all sorts of butterfly feelings interplay and most often demands made.1447178261905[1] (1)

Love is a beautiful thing. I love love. I had the notion before getting to the Uni that the first man I will love will be my husband so I prayed that it be so. No it wasn’t the case. I got my heart broken because I never really knew what the world had define a love relationship between a boy and a girl. The world had so fixed the sequence in a way that, once the guy makes his intention known and the lady says yes.. the first few weeks and in a few cases months, then the next big thing is SEX and more sex as long as the relationship last till you get to the next one and the sequence replays itself.

That is not what I was educated to accept and with the love of God shared in my heart that is not the part I was to go. I am supposed to keep my body till marriage and freely surrender to my husband. The more you said no the sex after prolonged kissing trails, you are looked at as mean and not considerate. So what is there to do but pray for a better option that will not hurt you once you say no to SEX. That was how I got into my first long distance relationship.

Now see the logic. My partner will not be physically around so no demands of sex will be made and i won’t have to turn down the demand and end up heart broken. There will be no physical kissing and the likes. Again this is not to say that long distance relationships do not have their own sin packages. Yes sin package as it demands will move from demanding long calls, snoopy lifestyle to nude pictures and skype stripping and more and if those too turned down… you find yourself at the same spot.

The point I want to leave us with is this. Let love be genuine and never compromise  your beliefs for temporary pleasures. Also do not settle for a convenient relationship but go for someone that values you and your principles and at the center of your love affair should be God and his ways. It is not about a guy in church as from my experience those are the ones that encourage you to fornicate with your eyes wide open under the umbrella of grace. Grace is not sloppy. Do not use long distance relationships as an escape from pre-marital sex because if you will not have sex physically , I am telling you if your foundation in God is not solid you will have phone sex and every other kind of social media relationship perversion.

Go for a relationship that adds to you and not one which subtracts from you. Loving God in this age and time is not easy both for young Christian gents and ladies but I am more thankful that we have the Holy Ghost and with Him we can run through a troop and leap over walls.

What is your take on long distance relationships?


Have You Ever Been In love? Back in the Day; African Style

throw back love

I have been missing home and thinking of fun things back home and especially growing up and this made me come up with this post.

Have you ever been in love?……… You can touch the moon light

love flies

Holding hands and shivering kisses in dark corners

Talking all night on phone about nothing productive

Cleaning all sides of your slippers when sent just to get sugar from the store close by ( clean is good lol)

Saving all pocket money just to buy birthday gifts and Vals presents for he/she bf/gf…….

……. LET ME KNOW YOUR EXPERIENCE (I use to get butterflies each time my secondary school crush is supervising my class during preps time)

This to me is not being in love. It is emotional Uproar at new discoveries lol 🙂

Temporal Love Affair -Finale

smile through it all and learn the lesson taught

His Spirit bears witness with ours

The check were so strong that i began to pray and ask God to help me follow His path not mine. By this time, he is away on meeting for fortification. At the return so much had changed. The usual question like ; how is mom? was now answered my mom is fine. Hmm. Now I understand the place of being sensitive and how to discern.

You know what they say about asking the honest question?. I asked and the bomb came but thank God who had prepared me for it. The explanation was out right silly to me as if to see a church is a building ( he said God told him he will meet his rib in a church and oops for me we didn’t meet in a “church”).

Lessons I learnt

  1. I thought I had grown my hearing God but its a daily walk
  2. I learned that our personal convictions should stand out above another persons
  3. That I should always hear God for myself
  4. Trust the signals in my spirit
  5. Above all, anything that tries to be first in my life above my God aint worth it

No matter how temporal “love” last. Lessons will always be learnt