Have you ever met a talky person? They most often than not bring life and energy into any gathering. They are like the positive energy to kill boredom. However, they land in much trouble once they do not learn when to bridle their tongues.

Most times we talk too much for our good. I am not an advocate for being secretive, however we need to use wisdom and not destroy ourselves by giving out so much information about us and our affairs that people and most so the devil can use to harm us. It is getting even easier for the devil with the social media shouts and tweets and hashtags.

This is not to say do not lead your life. Find balance and know when to let out what to and to whom and more so how to do so. Find moderation with the information you let out in whatever areas in life; business, career, marriage, relationships. Be picky with words and Think Before Talking (#TBT)


Feelings Fade


He held my hand and chills went down my spine

I wasn’t having butterflies

I was just feeling different.

There is more to love than feelings. There is more to life than just existing. Find true purpose in whatever drives you. Feelings might fade and fail. The essence or the purpose will keep you going. DO NOT let feelings only determine your decisions.

Have a great weekend and make sure you feel great


Offensive True Friends


Friendships are a persons life wire if i am permitted to say so. The desire to have true friends is real. In a world of people acting as friends just for their own benefits and people taking advantage of one another in the name of friendship, we need to clarify what a true friend is and much more how to identify them

A true is not someone that only loves and cares when they need you. A true friend is not someone that is honest to you because they want to buy time to pave their way into your life and exploit you emotionally, financially, materially and the list is endless

Here are a few thing to note on who true friends are and how they react

  1. They forgive one another no matter how it hurts. Mind you do not be stupid enough to identify convenience for friendship
  2. They work at bearing  one another weaknesses. Mind you if someone chooses to remain is perpetual error, that is not a weakness. It is taking advantage of your kindness
  3. They venture to be offensive. Sometimes our true friends offend us though not intentionally. It is just a sweet way of taking us out of our comfort zone. Their motives are genuine and not sneaky

How do your true friends react, how do you define them?

Six Tips To Be At Peace In Your Singleness


We are in a generation of boo and bae and so you who is in a relationship if your focus is not right might begin to feel left out and possibly unloved but that should not be the case. You can still be happy and enjoy life even without a boo or bae. They do not validate who you are. Having a man or woman in your life is not what stops you from being lonely. I know very many lonely boo’s and bae’s lol. Being single doesn’t mean lonely and also being single is not a defect. Do not yourself lose your peace or let anyone make you feel depressed

These are just a few tips to stay in peace in your single state

  1. Stay your heart on God ( Isa 26:3)
  2. Seek out His promises and stay on them bearing in mind Abraham, Hannah and many others who saw promises fulfilled
  3. Spend your time empowering yourself and developing your skills and talents. Use this stage to discover your purpose and pursue it
  4. Take away the time factor and unnecessary comparisons with others. Your life is on a different calendar from that of others
  5. Stop the obsession with marriage. Marriage is not a do or die affair and not everyone might end up being married
  6. Take away the age factor. It is not about doing things early but doing them right


Peace makes us receive more than worry. Your better half is on the way so stay in peace.