Balance Is Everything 🙏🏽❤️

Whosoever wrote this is a genius and I’d like to meet the person. I copied it from a group and the author wasn’t stated


1. *Noah* built the *ark* by faith but, he used measurements. There is a place for rational thinking in our walk of faith. Not all decisions should be made with blind hope!

2. *Sarah’s pregnancy* was a miracle, but it took nine months just like any other. God’s plans do not negate the importance of process. Sometime you need to wait or work it out.

3. The *stone* that killed *Goliath* might have been anointed, but *David’s skill* was also involved. Developing skills does not mean you are not anointed. If you play a piano, play it to the fullest. Don’t take us through the agony of listening to your cacophony in the name of “singing to the Lord”. Skills are important. There is nothing rude with telling that sister “you can’t sing, find something else to do in the house of God”.

4. *Esther* received favor to become *queen*, but she also bathed and prepared her appearance. Preparation is key to become fit for the occasion. Get knowledge, go to school. Stop blaming auto-correct, check your spelling even here on social media. Prepare, because some of us expect nothing but the best from you!

5. The *promised land* was full of milk and honey, but they also had to plow, feed cattle, and take care of sheep. Miracles are communication tools that God uses to instill trust, faith and the knowledge of his nature. You need to work, don’t expect miracles in a specific area of life all the time. No one pays rent for a full year with miracle money. We need it, we want it, but God wants what is permanent.

6. *God* is the one who *created human capacity* to memorize things, yet he also told many prophets to write their message. Spirituality does not mean we should not use tools to package the message.

7. *Ruth* received favor to marry *Boaz*, but the coaching of Naomi was necessary. Human coaching is necessary, you need to submit and learn from someone. It will spare you from silly mistakes.

8. *Moses* could hear directly from God, but he was wearing himself out with work, it was the wisdom of his father in law that saved him from dying a premature death with exhaustion. It is wisdom to put on a seat belt, brush teeth, and adhere to medical advise. Being spiritual does not mean asking angels to cook food for you!

9. *Namaan* was a mighty soldier and a friend of Kings, but he acted as influenced by a Jewish maiden. Even important people are influenced by”insignificant”people. The key thing is proximity that generates influence.

Mishandling of the natural world can cause hinderance to progress, and a total neglect of the spiritual world will definitely cause total failure in all areas of life.

10. *Jerusalem* had God as her *Protector*, yet he asked the Jews to Build the Walls thereof. Do not neglect physical necessities of life in the name of spirituality. You will die before your time.

*Balance is the Key*

Love u, Bless u



The Perfect man

Your opinion of my prefect man is perfect. I appreciate your love because in your eyes I see he is perfect. The right height, appropriate age, prefect skin colour, fine eyes, glittering teeth and those drop dead abs with the right number of veins on his muscular skin, being able to lift me up to touch the moon and put me in a sweet dream(#put me to bed).

So I got to thinking;

Did you check if he has the right heart and loves the Most High?

Did you check just his skin or the scares that are born out of unconditional sacrifices?

Are his eyes just fine or do you think he will fill me life with fun and laughter and make me smile out my white teeth?

Is he just aged or mature?

Is it just the veins or you’re sure he will value me and bring out the best in me?

Is it just about lifting my body what happens to my Spirit?

Will i just have sweet dreams or be in the sweet place at the end of life?

Your answer will make me look into your opinion for me.

Beyond People Limits

People pleasers do not go far in life and do not go far with God. You need to live life on the platform of pleasing God only and living happy for you. You can not let people and things own your happiness

It’s not a job or a career or marriage that owns your happiness. If you are not happy now, having these things or not having them won’t change a thing

Live your life; not people’s expectations. The heart of man is sneaky. If people around you do not permit you to be your best self, walk away from them. People trap only holds down your destiny and purpose. I do what I call ” friendship evaluation”. I look at the people in my life and if I notice I’m not adding to them or they adding to me, I walk away for my own good. You need to be intentional if you will be happy in this life and make heaven




Beautiful Presence


Look at how everything changed

Look at how all became beautiful

Your presence makes all the difference

It recovers lost years as if it was just a second that went by

It restores beyond any pension system known to man

It turns mourning to dancing

It turns sorrow to joy

It makes all things new

It gives hope to all hopelessness

It pursues every Pharaoh

It conquers every Goliath

It shuts the mouth of every Lion

It makes every fiery situation look like a relaxed day at the beach

Who likens to you? NONE

A thousand years is but an hour

What is there to worry or fret about when I have you

My All in ALL

Thank you for choosing me as yours

Thank you for your presence in my life

Thank you for your amazing love

You are an amazing God


Missing Out On Purpose – 1


She is a worshiper and yes, she loves to worship. Lifting up holy hands is not just another routine but a way of life.  Staying focused on God yet not missing the tall, hunky handsome worshiper also in the congregation. Oh how she wishes

It’s not like she is distracted but then we watch and we pray. It’s not like she is searching but she wishes he can find her. It’s not like she is desperate but a sister is allowed to through an innocent smile to a fine brother in church

She wished he could just ask her to be his woman. This is not to stay that because he is in church and lifting holy hands that makes him perfect but how will she know if he doesn’t ask her out and she accepts and gets to know him

He finally did notice her. Yes, she says isn’t God just awesome in his ways. He brought her man to her. She didn’t know he was a walking principality. Well she will know with time. They got talking and hanging out and the she noticed he was all cover no content.

We often miss out on purpose with people in church because we tend to assume that because they are in church that automatically makes them save and right for us. Well that is a lie. Not every man in church is a husband. Man 9 meal & female). The only way not to miss out on purpose is to pray and let the Holy Spirit guide you

(SHORT STORY: Fiction)

Missing Out On Purpose


It is oftentimes easy to miss out on purpose when we meet some that matches our passion and dreams. We have to be careful not to miss out on the purpose for which ,God created the meeting. #Inquiry

Life they say begins with a meeting

They met in church. Never really spoke spoke to each other but every gaze was defined. It had deep rooted visible meanings not just to her but to all that saw. This is perfect. God knows how to answer prayers that keep all the compatibility checks in place( spiritual, emotional, financial, communication … add to her list)

It seemed like everything she prayed for. Their purpose and passions we so in line and yes they were all serving in church. Church doesn’t kill the demons we have Christ does. Things seemed great till other girls furry grew. Unknown to her his past and present fondling’s with them was the cause. How do you do church and still try to play “Christ”.

She talked to him about it. Her zeal for God seemed to trim the sloppiness of his faith. Time and age was pressing on their relationship. Insecurities set in and pride took over. Pride and love cannot co-exist. Never. Too many emotional wounds and blackmails grew. Compromise was beginning to have foothold. The strong hold had to be broken. We often want to impose our answers on God and yet ask for His “Will”. They had to sit down and be honest with each other. They were trying to impose on destiny and not pursue destiny. They parted ways and remain distant friends and now both basking in the Glory of His goodness. If live makes their part cross again, good but if not purpose is being lived in their separate lives