We don’t a spare life or breath so we need to make the most of our lives today. Here are a few ways to make the most of our lives

  1.  Never think you are too young to step into destiny or to begin living out your purpose/ impacting lives. Every passing day adds to your age
  2. Mind your own business diligently. You cant be a player and a spectator at the same time. Do all you can to know your purpose from God and pursue it diligently
  3. Take responsibility for your life and stop the blame game and people dependency. God is ever reliable and dependable and He is all you need. Take responsibility to know Him better. We never grow and learn if we spend our lives blaming people for our short comings or limitations.
  4. Be tough on yourself today so that tomorrow will not be tough on you. This means that you should discipline yourself in line with your activities, friends and work. Learn to prioritize things in your life. Anything/ anyone not adding positively to your destiny is unnecessary in your life.

How do you make the most of your life daily?



Val’s Motivation


God is not intimidated with your beginnings. No matter how little or obscure it may look.

Get your training in obscurity so that as God lives you will come to the lamplight in time as David. David was a lover of God and ha rest all round so today purpose to love God more and there is no telling the heights you will reach in life

Things & Needs


Hand downs or handouts

He wants hands down but really needs Him

He is used to receiving things but really need to receive Him

To receive Him, the give of things

Once he received His manifestation, begging stopped

    extract (Acts3:3-7). Most times we want things and pray for thing when all we need is Jesus and to serve Him and all else will fall in place

Be Alert


More than ever before there is a need to be more sensitive in your spirit. There is so much deceit and pretense in the atmosphere so much so that if you are not alert you will find yourself under the rug. It will be better to be under the Rock of Ages than let soiled little mind games and personality tussles soil you

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap Gal 6:7

If you are not sensitive, you will be cheated of your inheritance

If you are not sensitive you will be dragged into gossip and unnecessary drama

If you are not sensitive your ego will be fueled to your destruction

If you are not sensitive, you will neglect corrections that will build your future

If you are not sensitive, you will run your mouth to your ruin

If you are not sensitive, you will complain yourself to folly

If you are not sensitive, your love walk will be destroyed

On our own it is almost impossible to get all our antenna’s up so you need the Holy Spirit. Fellowship more with the Holy Ghost and kindly learn to be quiet in spirit and be silent even when everything says speak. This way, you will smile at deceit from a mile as you will be able to identify it

Be alert. #Sundayadvice

Who You Are


Who we are is not based on what we have

Who we are is not based on the friends we have

Who we have is based on the things we achieve… the list is long

Who we are is a function of who created us

Who we are is based on what we are created to do

Who we are is based on living out our purpose

Your purpose is not defined by people, or institutions or situations but by God, through Jesus Christ working wholly in you. The best you is a function of how you let Him to lead and direct you.

You are so much more than you imagine. Sit down with Him and take directives and for surety you will emerge the best of who He called you to be

Stay blessed

Depths Of Love


You make your rain, rain blessings on all
You are the smile on our faces
You are our heritage
We just want to be by your right hand
Where we are am not moved by anything
We just want to be there
Where there are pleasures forevermore

All our good comes from You
You preserve us oh my LOVE
You are our delight
We just want to be by your right hand
Where there is help and support
We just want to be there
Where we can know and understand your ways

Our portion, Our inheritance
You who delights and rescues us
Granting desires and fulfilling plans
I love you Lord