Worship Is A Game Of Thrones


Worship is not only about what we do on the outside but more so what is going on, on our inside @Dharius Daniel

The worshipper in me wants to be free

From the cares of life that seem to way me down

The worshipper in me needs consistency

To lift my head and give you praise when no one is around

I want to give my best to you

You are the church

Your heart is the altar

It is the Kings sit

He sits on the throne of your heart

You worship from your heart

So worship is a games of thrones

Male or female we all can worship

In soprano or base our worship is unique

David danced and Solomon prayed; both worshiped

Dancing more than others doesn’t mean you are deep

It might just be your gifting

Sometimes we shout because we are loud not because it is the Spirit


Let it be from your heart

A heart with just place for One King (Only King of kings)

Audit your life and watch your throne

Lean on Him and learn from Him

(the message game of thrones by Dharius Daniel inspired this post title. He is a great minister used by God)


Lyrical Motivation: You Are Able


Creator of the Universe
What can’t You do
What can’t You do Jesus
Name above every other name
What can’t You change
What can’t You change Jesus

You are able
Great and mighty God
You are able Jesus
There is nothing
Nothing You cannot do
Nothing You cannot Change
Nothing You cannot
Turn around
You are able
Great and mighty God
I put my trust in You
You are able Jesus

Trust God today even in that situation that seems bleak . Song by Ada

Get Set

Prepare to meet opportunities


It is great to meet you again. I trust you have been well? Here is another piece worthy of pondering over. Enjoy…

One thing I have learnt rather through the hard way is that when opportunity dawns, it will be too late to prepare. But Blessed and happy is the man whose preparation meets opportunity.

Everybody dreams. Oh yeah. Well, some say they do not dream at night so I do not mean it in that sense. The reality is that we don’t only sleep to dream. Beneath the scorching sun one can have the greatest dreams. Consciously or not one may harbor a desire- that is the dream I am talking about.

If we all have dreams is it not pathetic therefore to learn that just a handful of people actively work on their dreams whereas the great majority are busily sunken in perpetual narcolepsy the purpose of which…

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Counting Cost


Loss or gain, count your cost

Beyond Mathematics or Accounting, count the cost

It is time to build, count the cost

It’s battle time, count your cost

Before spewing out those words, count the cost

You want to start a relationship, count the cost

You want begin that business, count the cost

Save yourself from shame by; counting cost

Emerge successful by counting cost

Love will cost you

Hate will cost you

People will cost you

Life will cost you

Investments will cost you

Even Jesus counted His cost

Begin to count the cost, clarity and proper planning will set in

Count your cost today

(Luke 14:25-34)

7 Tips for Christian Bloggers

Very Helpful Tips

Real as the Streets

There are a whole slew of in-depth tutorials and tips for blogging. The advanced ones include SEO, social media, eBooks, mailing lists, etc. But I haven’t reached that stage of blogging, yet. So far I have found success implementing the following basic concepts…

  1. State Your Purpose
    • What is your, ‘Why?’ What drives you to put out post after post? This is your purpose. People like knowing your MO. A specific blog mission statement or broad vision statement is a great way to not only be transparent with your readers, but keep you on track with your goal. You can find my purpose, as an example, on the About Page.
  2. Keep It Real
    • Be true to yourself and be honest. If you want people to follow you, give them something authentic and unique. God made us individuals for a reason.
  3. Find Your Crowd
    • Not everyone is going to like your…

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3 Classes Of People


It is often said that he that doesn’t work should not eat. Now it is beyond a he thing. Everyone; male or female have/ need to work. We pray for a job and doors open for some in areas they are qualified in and for other, areas they are not qualified for.There are many ways we can approach the job we got. This is how a job is approached by my 3 classes of people

  1. Those who take the job God gave them seriously ( this is not not to say we should turn the job into a god)
  2. Those with natural abilities to do the job God gave them and work hard
  3. Those who know that God gave them the job and depend on Him for execution.( working as unto the Lord, with a greater purpose of meeting needs)

This is just to encourage you to be grateful for having a job and to work with all your heart till a new shift comes. Have a great working day