Life, they say is what you make it but you must make life out of something; out of the ideas .This is mine. So guys these are certain things expected and I know you need to know (loud thoughts). It will be of no good to fake up realities. The best you can do for yourself is to accept life with its realities to make things easier.

A guy who doesn’t fear you (g); this doesn’t mean to be scared but respects, lol shivers around you, cannot truly love you.

A guy’s worth is not in his appearance but in his content which proves it’s self in caring, understanding and good attributes.

A guy who doesn’t fear God can hardly be true because men who fear (reverence) God don’t do certain ills.

A guy who doesn’t know that he has to give to his woman without her asking; it doesn’t mean she is money minded, hasn’t proved his worth.

A guy who cannot pin point a woman’s soft spot is fighting a loss battle.

A guy who doesn’t have the virtues of honesty and patience proves he is out for games.

A guy who doesn’t contribute to your priorities disqualifies himself for a relationship.

A guy who ask for sex from a girl (before marriage) depicts weakness and as such is not worthy of her because he doesn’t know her worth and he has shown how emotionally immature he is.

A guy who doesn’t respects a girls sense of belonging proves he is out for an adventure because it is all about sharing a sense of belonging

A guy who doesn’t understand that feelings are meant to be respected disqualifies himself from the race because disrespect of ones feelings is quite frustrating.

A guy who cannot explain certain ideas or happenings to his gal isn’t just true because reasons tie every action. The gravity of the situation doesn’t really count but its explanation matters.

A guy who doesn’t know how to pamper or control a gal when she is hurting cannot make it in the struggle.

Girls, most goes too to you.

There is more to life

Than faking of reality

The best you can do is accept its realities

God bless you



Message From God To You – 2


I can’t wait to see you commanding dominion.

Know this, its not of him that willeth or him the runeth but of God that showeth mercy. This is the path you need to thread.

I love you so much and I’m intentional about you so do not fear. I  AM with you always to the end of the world. If you can see my love in your life, then you will truly start soaring.

You are a big pillar and many destinies are linked to yours so grow your faith in me. You are in stoppable in me. Consistently hope and believe in my Love for you. I love you son/ daughter. Yes you. I am crazy about you. I will give nations in exchange for just YOU……Yes YOU

Valley Situations

1514978150428.jpgWhat do you do in your valley seasons? When valley situations seem to be the order of the day. These valley seasons could be in your relationships, your business, your career, your marriage, your finances etc. No one loves valley situations

I know someone that changes valley situations and constantly keeps changing and bringing me out of my valley seasons. He is the master of valley situations. His name is Jesus Christ. He makes valleys turn into springs of water Ps 84:6, give Him a chance to step into your valley season and you won’t regret it

Now these are a few ways to get through valley situations

  1. Follow God’s leading in your life by staying glued to His Word
  2. Keep appearing in Zion, His presence, the church; iron sharpens iron there Ps 84:6
  3. Keep away from anything that distracts you, distorts your focus Phi 3:13-14

Experiencing down situation doesn’t mean that you let it bring you down. Have a blessed day

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I Don’t Want To Change My Faith

faith in Christ

If you are a Christian  (BORN AGAIN) from my part of the world then you probably have heard this statement more than once in your life time” i don’t want to change my faith”. it has become so common that you find yourself ignorantly trying to justify the good you are trying to do ( this is especially common when you go out for evangelism or when encouraging a friend to follow you to church to hear God’s word with you etc ). you even meet a man that wants to marry you and he tells you that you have to change your faith to be his wife ( he actually means church). Faith is not a church people. Faith is not a location. We Christians have to work on our grammar? it sounds like believing in Jesus Christ equals change of cloths from a closet full

It gets you wondering if you both are Christians or some parts of the bible are just out of place.One Lord, one faith, one baptism, Eph 4:5. You begin to wonder ;was i asking you to stop believing in Jesus Christ? Our faith is stayed on Him. He is the Author and Finisher of our faith. So what faith don’t you want to change?


Be you…you are not a copy so lead your own life

Living what you love

Family, the society, people, work, business try as much to tell us how we should be. How we should behave, and how to become the person they want us to be. Alot of things retain us from being us. What makes you different is what makes others indifferent. Our uniqness depends on those facets that make up our character, what comprises of our dream, and preferences.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than living a life meant for you. But most often at times, we are living our lives as imposters. Impersonating others, all for the glory we think lies in doing so. There’s nothing more beautiful than being you.

In my country it’s most likely to see parents get their children to live the life they couldn’t. …accomplish the dreams they couldn’t because time played a prank on them!

There are so many rules that curb out an aspect that makes…

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