When Pride Meets Truth


I’m not sure if it’s haughtiness or naughtiness or even high self-esteem

The way you talk, feeling all supreme to others

The way act like you created the heavens and the earth and own all in it

The way you move like the earth is no worth for your feet on it

Acting people should be at your mercy

Acting like you got it all together

Acting like your ways are the best ways

All you bring is opposition

All you is bring a fall to your followers

All your bring is brokenness beyond repair

When you will meet Truth you will know that you are just a breath, a vapour

When you will meet Truth you will know that only His ways are High ways

When you will meet Truth you will know that the creature cannot be greater the Creator

Your worth is in Him ONLY

Pride goes before a fall that is the Truth.


The Perfect man

Your opinion of my prefect man is perfect. I appreciate your love because in your eyes I see he is perfect. The right height, appropriate age, prefect skin colour, fine eyes, glittering teeth and those drop dead abs with the right number of veins on his muscular skin, being able to lift me up to touch the moon and put me in a sweet dream(#put me to bed).

So I got to thinking;

Did you check if he has the right heart and loves the Most High?

Did you check just his skin or the scares that are born out of unconditional sacrifices?

Are his eyes just fine or do you think he will fill me life with fun and laughter and make me smile out my white teeth?

Is he just aged or mature?

Is it just the veins or you’re sure he will value me and bring out the best in me?

Is it just about lifting my body what happens to my Spirit?

Will i just have sweet dreams or be in the sweet place at the end of life?

Your answer will make me look into your opinion for me.

True Colors

quote 2
There is more to life than faking of reality

Hahaha lol No… I am not about to provide you with the lyrics of one of your favorite love song in the 80’s “true color”. We all want a good life, a stress free one, which is very essential in the busy and chaotic world we live in. Did you think that it’s only for the bad that these pressures or challenges you are facing are set out for? Well I use to think so too but now I am having a change of perspective.

Don’t run from tests and hardships, brothers and sisters. As difficult as they are, you will ultimately find joy in them; if you embrace them, your faith will blossom under pressure and teach you true patience as you endure. And true patience brought on by endurance will equip you to complete the long journey and cross the finish line—mature, complete, and wanting nothing (James 1:2-4 Voice)

quote 1
Self deceit is the worse of them all

Did you try to find out what the situation is working in you or for you? It’s never wasted you know especially when you know your live is in His hands. I am not saying wallow in hardships and pressures but I think you should let it work out the perfecting of your “True Colors”. Let it make you get to know you and how well to work better on yourself so as to be everything you are called out to be.( E.g. a few arguments thought me that I had to develop a good listening ear than a wrangling tongue and stop my outburst; it’s still a process but the good thing is I know where I need to work) What has your situation thought you or  is teaching you?

Facts About Truths (P1)- Sex



The truth will set us free that what the bible says and I believe it ;I don’t know about you. Also some great people once said that; the truth is bitter but must be spoken. Others said ‘the truth may hurt but lies is agony’ and again speaking the truth is love.

The truth is, when you know the truth life will take different phases and stare hard on you. You will try to avoid what you know is not right and above all what doesn’t please God. Furthermore when you know the truth it brings with it further truths which might hurt you or others, which might please you or others but the truth remains truth.

The truth about sex is that it is good and God made it so. But also another truth about sex is that it’s only for married people whether you agree or not and that’s why the bible says that if you can’t control your feelings get married.

Another truth about sex is that in our generation it has become the base for love in a relationship  even among “believers”or better says it has replaced it.  Life is really unpredictable, some guys come for love but at the end of the day it was sex they were looking for and all types of sensations that deals with the flesh. The awful feeling at the end is to realize that they were really for sex and this truth hurts.