Have You Ever Been In love? Back in the Day; African Style

throw back love

I have been missing home and thinking of fun things back home and especially growing up and this made me come up with this post.

Have you ever been in love?……… You can touch the moon light

love flies

Holding hands and shivering kisses in dark corners

Talking all night on phone about nothing productive

Cleaning all sides of your slippers when sent just to get sugar from the store close by ( clean is good lol)

Saving all pocket money just to buy birthday gifts and Vals presents for he/she bf/gf…….

……. LET ME KNOW YOUR EXPERIENCE (I use to get butterflies each time my secondary school crush is supervising my class during preps time)

This to me is not being in love. It is emotional Uproar at new discoveries lol ­čÖé

Unashamed- Beach Attitude


We knelt on the beach, prayed, (Acts 20:5b NOG)

We are not a cult but lovers of the creator of the heavens and the earth. I have been blessed by the passage above. In prayers our posture is as vital as our actions and position. When Paul was set to sail after being warned not the go to Jerusalem yet, he stay and was once his stay was over, the disciples and their families set out to see him off to the new location. They got to the beach and knelt down and prayed.We have to grow in our love to begin to spend time with Him everywhere especially in this century. I see non-Christians pray by the road side and every possible place so long as its prayer time so unashamed.

Kneeling is a vital position in PRAYER. You might be wondering why the beach? It is important as it is a quiet place or populous one but most importantly God is calling our attention to the fact that we have to be open to Him in prayer, unashamed of who is next to us, or who is watching and what they are saying. We have to be totally open if we will see Him manifest by answered prayers.

Develop a beach attitude each time you set to seek God. Be open, be free and be unashamed as you approach the mercy sit daily. Stay blessed

Prayer: Father breath afresh upon my prayer walk in Jesus name. Let a fresh wind of your Spirit ignite fire on my prayer alter in Jesus name