I Don’t Want To Change My Faith

faith in Christ

If you are a Christian  (BORN AGAIN) from my part of the world then you probably have heard this statement more than once in your life time” i don’t want to change my faith”. it has become so common that you find yourself ignorantly trying to justify the good you are trying to do ( this is especially common when you go out for evangelism or when encouraging a friend to follow you to church to hear God’s word with you etc ). you even meet a man that wants to marry you and he tells you that you have to change your faith to be his wife ( he actually means church). Faith is not a church people. Faith is not a location. We Christians have to work on our grammar? it sounds like believing in Jesus Christ equals change of cloths from a closet full

It gets you wondering if you both are Christians or some parts of the bible are just out of place.One Lord, one faith, one baptism, Eph 4:5. You begin to wonder ;was i asking you to stop believing in Jesus Christ? Our faith is stayed on Him. He is the Author and Finisher of our faith. So what faith don’t you want to change?



Be you…you are not a copy so lead your own life

Living what you love

Family, the society, people, work, business try as much to tell us how we should be. How we should behave, and how to become the person they want us to be. Alot of things retain us from being us. What makes you different is what makes others indifferent. Our uniqness depends on those facets that make up our character, what comprises of our dream, and preferences.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than living a life meant for you. But most often at times, we are living our lives as imposters. Impersonating others, all for the glory we think lies in doing so. There’s nothing more beautiful than being you.

In my country it’s most likely to see parents get their children to live the life they couldn’t. …accomplish the dreams they couldn’t because time played a prank on them!

There are so many rules that curb out an aspect that makes…

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Breathing Wind

laugh as the wind

It’s just the  wind breathing
tickling the leaves one by one
and i the only breathing thing
drink their laughter going on and on
as they twitch and rattle
falling in circles to the ground
light as a maidens  giggle
the land without blushing a sound.

To the tomb with a song
down the valleys of doom
the leaves went on and on
sorrow had no room
just joy and laughter again and again
till all sank still gradually Continue reading

A Message From God To You


You are special.

God loves you more than you think.

God is taking you to where you least expected.

You are a great man/woman.

You weren’t consulted when you were created so why then should you now be worried about His plans for your life.

His plans are for your good and to give you peace.

The heaven is open over you daily

Just get focused on God and make daily withdrawals

You are in your construction season so do not give up or lose faith

God loves you

Decision To Pursue


quotes-Purpose-is-more-impo.jpgThere is no God like Jehovah

He doesn’t need your approval or validation to make Him God

He is God all by Himself

He fills the heavens and the earth

He created the heavens and the earth and all that dwell therein

The earth is His and all that dwell in it

He sit in the heaven and the earth is his foot stool

His ways are past searching

To Him a thousand years is but an hour

This is the kind of God is chose to serve. This is the God i’m sold out to . A God that loves like no other. A God that always love and exceeds our expectation.

Get to know this God. And you will never regret you did

Pouring Yourself Out

We are daily pour ourselves out into our jobs, careers, businesses, families, friends. There is that thing that each one of us pours into daily. My devotion today guides us into the right ways to pour ourselves out in to the lives of others in a way that glorifies God and in turn cause us to be refilled

Here are 3 ways to pour ourselves out right

  1. By acts of love. Not only words but acts of love. The list is unending. So make your pick and pour out for a greater refill
  2. By being alert to notice that people are different and so different strokes for different folks. Once we understand the uniqueness of each other, we allow them be themselves and stop imposing our nature into their lives. It helps against unnecessary arguments and fussing.
  3. By mending fences and so on time. Once we wrong people or they wrong us, we take steps to forgive them and by so doing our peace is in tact

Prayer: Father I receive grace for right outpouring today in Jesus name

Have a blessed day