You Are Not Forgotten


Helping people can be a tricky bet especially if you hope that they will some day return the favor and you keep waiting but that day never seems to come. Imagine helping someone and in 3 days all gets sorted for them and it takes them 2 years to remember you. Good God! Well as the bible says there is nothing new under the sun so its not a strange phase you are going through, Joseph can smoothly advice you on how to handle this as he experienced it in a strange time in his life.

He was forgotten after using his gift to render service. Strange right? Yes because the bible says a mans gift will make room for him , how come this was not the case?Could it be because Joseph relied on a man to remember him? Or was it just that the heart of man is desperately wicked? It could be both as men have a tendency to make promises when they need your help or after you have help them and again the bible says curse is he that put his trust in man. Joseph interpreted a dream in prison for a man that was desperate. The man gets promoted as by the interpretation of the dream which came to pass in 3 days and this man walks free from the prison and forget Joseph for a space of 2 years until when another massive need arose and he is needed. what a funny world?

After 2 years, God caused Joseph’s gift to be remembered and he ascended the throne and the man that forgot him was now a subordinate of his. I know you might have read this story or heard of it , however by it I just want to encourage you to hold on. That gift won’t die. God will make room for it. You will not be forgotten for the good you have done for people and keep doing. God is a master record keeper and he will never forget your labor of love. He is a rewarder and your reward will not pass you by

Do not give up. I know it is frustrating to help people and they just can’t come through for you. Do good but do not expect the person you are doing good to, to remember you, God sees it all and He will cause you to be remembered.

My advice for you today is know that : VAIN IS THE HELP OF MAN” No man can help you. Only God can. Single your eye on Him and let him lead you


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