Jonah Jump


quotes-We-do-not-wish-ourse.jpgLife is so interesting and some days are much fun than others. However our day or lives turn out, is our sole responsibility.Today, I want to encourage you not to indulge people too much to your own destruction. Let Jonah jump. Do not push him as a time will come when you will have to push him

Jonah disobeyed God’s instruction to go and save the people he was sent to. Some good hearted people saw him and thought oh it doesn’t hurt to work with someone that has gifts and anointing and yet is not obedient. So on their way, there is great havoc and this people are losing their property and money and all they worked hard for because they choose to help Jonah who could not take responsibility for his life.

When things got heated he asked them to throw him into the see that he was the cause of the havoc they are encountering. He is a grown , why didn’t he jump into the sea by himself? He pretended to be taking responsibility but wasn’t Do you have such people in your life who say they want more but never act it out? Be nice and helpful to people as lead. However do not neglect when its time to let them grow. Stop being responsible for people’s irresponsibility

Let them grow and you too, Grow


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