Who You Are


Who we are is not based on what we have

Who we are is not based on the friends we have

Who we have is based on the things we achieve… the list is long

Who we are is a function of who created us

Who we are is based on what we are created to do

Who we are is based on living out our purpose

Your purpose is not defined by people, or institutions or situations but by God, through Jesus Christ working wholly in you. The best you is a function of how you let Him to lead and direct you.

You are so much more than you imagine. Sit down with Him and take directives and for surety you will emerge the best of who He called you to be

Stay blessed


2 thoughts on “Who You Are

  1. Amen Grisele. I like this post because it reminds me of a quote by Bishop Mike Pitts where he said, “It’s not who we are but WHOSE we are”. We are God’s children; which means me were not created for the world but so that the world can see the Father through us.

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