Don’t fake it

We need to cease from this fake lifestyle we lead

Inspire me

Yes, don’t fake it… Fake what exactly? that relationship… don’t fake it. You know it ain’t going to work out, you know you guys are not compatible in any sense. Stop killing yourself inside. You know you’re suffering. The one time love affair has turn to slave affair. Why are you making it? Why do you pretend to the general public that all is well when it is not. You pretend to everyone that things are fine probably because you don’t know what they will say or think and you choose to go through pain.

No, you got to stop… you got to wake up now. Open your eyes and see what’s really happening.

… A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage.

It’s better to be single and be praying and preparing to get married than married and be praying to be single again. You need to get…

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