How To Be Found By Yours- 4


Personally i love love. So do not get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing. Does that mean we should go about worrying about love and who will love us or who we will love? Well no. Love is seeking (purposefully) not worrying. Seeking to be and do things right and in perspective. Marriage is for eternity and is meant to bring glory to The marriage Creator. This brings me to my 4th Tip

Tip 4: Have Faith

He created them male and female. He went ahead again to say that none shall want and lack their mate. Do you see yourself in this picture He is showing you? Well i see myself. So be encouraged and have faith in the purposeful nature of our Creator. Your mate is among so do not worry but have faith that yours will find you. Do not go about giving pieces of your heart and soul and flesh to people in the name of i love him/her and we might just end up to together.

Having faith will eliminate every form of desperation from our end and eliminate all sorts of unneeded prayers.


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