Comeback Call


This gift and more

Working the works for the call

More of you

It is a comeback call

Comeback call to first love

A love that works in darkness

Sweetest walk, sweetest talk

Mighty love, generous love

Love reloaded, love reflected

Shared and poured

Eternal, unique, a call to stand

Stand in a love walk

A new path

A comeback call



My Temporal Love Affair – Part 1


Life is a gift. The Giver helps us make the most of it


We miss it sometimes and that is totally okay so long as lessons are learnt.

I sensed that something great was coming my way. You know how they often say trust your intuition, it was beyond that. I sensed it in my spirit and other close friends even mentioned so. We met on a “God” platform. Every single thing and word seemed to fit ( deja vu). Was it really so?

I got carried away with “God” talk and so too the familiarity with scripture quote. The talks and chats felt so great that i saw a future that brought heaven to earth and streamed many to His presence. We talked about the past in a way that only makes a sister see an understanding future. Now hands up to that single christian sister who doesn’t want a #word and understanding man on her list. lol.

Now I began to feel like i should keep this a secret even from myself so that naysayers and monitoring spirits don’t pry and spoil a powerful hell wrecking God-glory bringing union. I was so wrong. He helped me fueled this thought which i nursed unconsciously. Did I check with His Spirit that bares witness with mine if I am on track?……………….. To be continued



Feeling Of Bias


The feeling of bias or partiality is not a new thing in the church. In the early church,there was discrimination about food among fellow brethren. In this day and time, it is going worse in cases where our love walk is still shaky.

What i have come to realize is that this feeling of bias and partiality is fueled from the fact that we seek self glory then the glory of God. The solution for bias and partiality among believing believers is the Holy Ghost. The spirit of wisdom helps us to know what to do per time. Once we put wisdom in place for the good of all, every down feeling gets cured and so to emotional imbalance

Are you one of those bias or feeling down ? Call the Holy Ghost today (Acts 6:3-10)

Life Secrets


Life is a gift and its worth celebrating and you can make the most out of each day. This is one way to make all great

  1.  Live quietly ( peace). Study quietness
  2. Mind your business ( stay focus on your goals and dreams)
  3. Work with your hands…. be productive. Kill people dependency syndrome. You have what it takes. Look within

( 1 Thes 4:11)