Make Them Sit Down

sit down.jpg

In my little experience, everyone wants to settle down. Everyone wants to be settled; career wise, educational wise, maritally, financially, socially, etc. These are fine things to be settled on but today i want to encourage you to make everything on your list sit down. Make them settle down on God. Settle down on God. Search His word. Settle and see or hear what He is saying or doing.

In that situation or those situations that jack every confidence in you and you seem not to know what to do, think about Jesus and the need to feed 5000++ and follow same example.

Firstly organised your self ( in groups as in Jesus’s language). Then make a decision on the information available ( 5 loaves and 2 fishes); not from the media  or others, but from the Word of God as it relates to your settlement list and then look up. Yes up to the hills, the source of your help. Yes even if you look up and still can’t decide on what to do, just look and you will see help and supplies  ( baskets appeared in the desert when they sat down).

Make your family sit down. Make your issues sit down. Make all the concerns you sit down and when you settle on the word and begin to solely look up to God alone… supplies and solutions will appear that will accommodate the excess that will pour out from look up.

Be blessed ( Inspiration from Luke 9:14)




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