I Don’t Want Your House


I’m not sure if I understand why some things are the way they are or seem but for sure some things are just out of place

Everyone wants to have their own things and be their own bosses that is so fine, me too i want that. Now you get my point , I understand this but for Ladies especially to just want to get married because it’s the necessary thing, to be in a big house and have your own living room? I think it’s pretty shallow.

No don’t get me wrong I love fine houses, nothing is wrong in having a great house but a great home should be what we go after. I’m tired of being in houses; the best you can give people is a home, that serene place, filled with love, joy, laughter, peace, God. A place where even after a tiring day, once foot is step in it feels like work never existed.

People build houses and we make a home. So ladies, do not just strive to get into a man’s house. Work at giving him and your family a home.


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