​Dear sexy young lady, 

Being more futuristic and God-centric will really help our destinies

Everything Marriage

We know your body is sexy and your breasts very appealing and arousing. But, if you care to know, all it takes for a breast to sag is one baby…with all due respect to mothers. So, you can keep bombarding us with all those sexy breasts and naked bodies for all we care.
It won’t be long and marriage will happen, and then the babies will come…then we will thirst for those pictures of you, those very ones that you refuse to wear brassieres and just expose the “things” like that, and those full body unclad ones that show your smooth wrinkle-free and stretch-marks-free bellies, thighs and butts; and we will see if they will still trickle in 😂.

Especially when we know you can’t afford like the celebrity role models you are copying “left right front back center”, the silicone implants or the average surgeon’s fees associated with…

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Abstract : Pre-Warned?


She is on the altar of prayer. in the art of true worship. yet no matter how amazing the music and songs are that ooze from her mouth, she is in tears and sobbing so hard that people around her can’t tell the contrast and wonder why or what God must be telling her.

Few weeks after that she finds herself in a compromising situation and position and actions. Kissing and necking and all those petty romance things. Her conscience is pressing in on her. He had been pressing in with his demands towards her. She is careful but then with the lies and betrayals in her life she felt like a little body defiling won’t hurt her but she was wrong. Selling cheap to cheating and dishonesty doesn’t make for worth.

Now was the worship hour wailing a sign of danger ahead. Was it weeping ahead of time in repentance from upcoming sin? What if she could understand the language God uses to speak to her?

Kindly share your thoughts. Thank you

The Handwriting


I see His hand in your favour in all areas of your life.This is not a calligraphy lesson text lol. I remember calligraphy in my secondary school days, it was a fun subject with posture etc. Well back to the matter at hand.

Belhazzar saw God’s handwriting on the wall after he mocked God with his attitude and his joints gave way and he died. The woman who was mocked after being caught in adultery was brought to Jesus and he wrote on the ground. His handwriting made her accusers to go into the hiding. The handwriting of God in our lives is what will make a difference whether in obedience or in pride. I pray the former.Submitting under God’s help will secure our destinies however, relying on our sufficiency will destroy us.

I pray our actions bring God’s handwriting for our lifting not damnation. Be blessed as you stay focused on God.

Dear Messenger, It’s An Emergency!📣

Grace Lord

Joseyphina's World

A pastor I listened to one Sunday drew this intriguing and thought-provoking scenario:

Someone has a relative at the brink of death at the hospital with no money to cater for his bills. This person sends you the money to take to the hospital so the doctor can start treatment. This is a matter of urgency. But instead of seeing it as such, you take your precious time, deciding what outfit to put on, which car to step out in, to wait for the scorching sun to set a bit and check out your look in the mirror. How do you think the person would feel when he finds out how unserious you were handling the issue?

Do you think he will ever forgive you if his relative ended up dying because of your nonchalant attitude to the urgent situation? Probably not.

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