FINDING BOAZ: Qualities of an Ideal Man

Even after that bad break-up or deception by that Christian man, your Boaz is still real and alive. Be of noble character and God will lead you to his field.

Something to Ponder

Let’s be honest. Ladies, we set our standards based on the oh-so-perfect guy we watch on TV. Sorry to burst your bubble but he is imaginary and you are no perfect girl either.

The top three qualities a girl is looking for in a guy before entering into a relationship: his looks, his work background, and his personality. I’m no relationship expert but I know that most of the time, girls are swooned by a guy’s personality more than anything else. When a guy treats a girl like a princess, every single standard set does not matter anymore.

What are you going to do if the right guy marries another girl? Or if the right guy suddenly realizes that he doesn’t love you anymore? Are you going to wallow in misery and accept that you’re no longer worthy to be loved and cherished? Does that mean you missed God’s will…

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