Today’s fragrance : Overcome evil

Tough stand but His commands are not grievous.

Today’s fragranceTopic: Overcome evil

Scripture :Romans 12:21

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good”.

Oh how tempting it is to always pay evil with evil!

When someone you trust and “love” plots your downfall and success and you get to know the truth, all of a sudden the love you have turns into hatred and anger!

Starting from that moment you invest all your limited resources into making that person pay!

But really what satisfaction will come out of that when what you are going to do won’t bring back what you lost?

We as Christians are children of Light and wherever we go darkness disappears.

We see the relevance of light only when there is darkness. Don’t become darkness by paying evil with evil. Be light no matter what!

We have dominion over evil and under no circumstance should we allow the tables…

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