Do You Have A Stronghold?


Our approach to the messages from God will determine our outcome in life. God’s love for us is unarguable fixed. Despite His unfailing love it doesn’t stop Him from being blunt with us and He expects us to be blunt with Him in Holy reverence.

God bluntly sent a major prophet to tell Hezekiah to put his house in order as he is going to die. Hezekiah did not approach this casually or as a perfect verdict. No; he turned to his stronghold with a mindset that God demands we be blunt and bring our strong reason and reason together with Him. Playing save will not save us from situations we are in, we need to take a stand in the Word and bring our strong reason with all genuineness.

You might be going through some hard things in life right now. However I will like to encourage you to take your eyes off the situation and focus on the stronghold. Changing God’s mind on a matter takes sincerity of heart and honesty.

Hezekiah had a stronghold in the areas of;

  1. He was faithful
  2. God had his heart
  3. He practiced goodness in the sight of God towards all
  4. He served in God’s house (2 Kings 20)

Do you have a stronghold for hard days? Get your stronghold so that you can build in good defense in this evil days.

Happy Sunday



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