You Are Not Permitted


A wise man once said that “ wise people do not complain about the things they permit”

Some people are just complicated. Do not give them permission to complicate your life.

You are your own best Counselor (examine yourself daily)

You are your own best Judge (judge to see that you are standing in God)

You are your own best Motivator (David encouraged himself in the Lord)

Joy are your own best source of Joy (you count it joy when you face trials)

You are all you need. Do you know why? There is a power @ work in You

  (Inspiration from Eph 3:20)


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      1. I’m ok, other than the fact that my blog post just decided to unpublish itself…I was wondering why it didn’t have any views even though I posted it an hour ago, and it even said so, and then for some reason it decided “nope, not ready yet” and unpublished itself. Sigh, wordpress…

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