How to Learn To Love Yourself

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Growing up, I wanted to be some many things others were that i was not. I wanted to have big butts, hairy skin because then I thought it was sexy as most people who had hairy skin seemed to be getting more attention from people. I wanted to have ample hips (lol). I know right, it sounds cheesy but that was my honest reality because i thought there was some default to my creation… do not get me wrong i knew i was beautiful . i just felt having all these additionals will make me more beautiful. I wasn’t aware that my mind can be manipulated to think otherwise like creation cheated me.

I believe so many persons in today’s age find themselves in this inadequacy trend that the media and others are placing on us or better still we are taking on. We are only as effective as our acceptance of people’s definition or our definition of ourselves. Learning to love yourself is among the greatest victory you will step into in your life time.


Here came my total liberty. But who are you, O man, to answer back to God? Will what is molded say to its molder, “Why have you made me like this?” (Rom9:20). If we wonder at creation which took the creator no time to put together in it’s perfect state i.e the fishes in the water bodies, the birds in the sky, human kind on earth.. He is too purposeful to make you unfit for your purpose. You look the way you are not because He fell short in your make-up but it was perfectly designed to fit your destiny. So to love yourself, know that,

  1. God doesn’t make mistakes you are just the way you are as you fit into His purpose for you. So before feeling inadequate ask why you were made the way you are and pursue it; appreciating others yet staying true to the amazing you
  2. Love yourself more because you are a master piece (Ps 16:9-10, Ps 139:13-16, 1Peter 2:9)
  3. Build relationships with people that bring out your worth not those that devalue you because of their notion of your ” imperfections
  4. Grow to love God more daily and declare His love daily over you

You are worth loving because you are a product of love. Learn to love yourself more. How do you love yourself ?


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