Expect Love and More Love

we often times work so hard to get people to like and love us. We become another version of ourselves seeking acceptance. Contrary to God’s own formula, He seeks us out to love us and give us love, unfailing love. With Him, our expectation si allowed to be love and more love. (Jer 31:3) Prayer: Father help me to let you love me.


Even when we left Him down by our disobedient ways, oh He is still ever willing to start all over with us again not remembering any pain or hurt we might have caused Him and instead works at bringing out the best in us show. How can you deny such Love? How distorted our notion of love has grown to be (if we let our fellow humans down, there is almost no room or chance to start all over because our love is polluted and circumstantial).

Do not settle for a distorted notion of love. Lean on Him and experience love like never before. His loves us powerfully no matter what and always believes the best in us will manifest if we let it

Prayer: Father I want to start all over with you and learn from you and know you more and also let you love me and show me the love walk in Jesus name. (Inspired by Jeremiah 31:3MSG)


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