7 Ways on How To Engage The God of Vengeance



  1. Be born again ( Exo 4:22-23, Col1:13, Heb 2:3)
  2. Believe in the ministry of the God of vengeance (1Jn 5:4, Ps 7:9-13)
  3. Be filled with the Holy Ghost (Jn 16:11-14)
  4. Make a demand on the altar of vengeance (Exo 3:7-8)
  5. Make bold declarations (Isa 54:15-17)
  6. Commit to serving God (Exo 4:22-23, Isa 54:17)
  7. Commit to celebrating the God of vengeance (Ps 149:7-10, 2Chor 20:17-24)

Extract from Live service: Preaching Pst David Oyedepo Jr


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