Carrot And Green Beans


Happy New year Lovely #Bloggers

Story Time:

Growing up I loved to meet weighty obstacles on my way when digging into my plate or bowl of soup or meal  but for some reason if the obstacle was in the tiny splits colored orange or green, it didn’t work for me. I disliked carrots and green beans and I didn’t see the point of ruining a excellent pot of stew or “jellof” rice with them. I and my kid brother were in the habit of selecting them out after which we settle down and murder the dish lol.

This was our routine for as long as I can remember. I was doing great in primary school and my brother was just average and then, one day after school, as were doing our usual selection process, my mom came and told us that do we know that carrot and greens makes people more brilliant? My eyes almost fell out of it’s socket. I was so excited with this new discovery and we began munching them so that we could be outstanding in school.

At first it looked like it was working so well for me. I began topping the class. little did I know that it was just grace and hard work. When at some point my brother failed  his exams then we came to a conclusion that it was a scam. It is amazing how parents can have their way in our mind and lives as kids. Reason why it is so important for parents to speak right and and teach children great lifestyle while they are still in the developing stage. We could not regress after discovering the truth as it’s beauty was now accustom to our mouth and tongue.

Now i have grown to a point  where I do not need a push to appreciate these obstacles. I salad it in every possible way as you can see in the picture above lol. I now affirm that God is for us and created so much for our eating pleasure.

Lesson: Sometimes we do not understand the turn life is taking and wonder if we will even make it to see the light at the end of the tunnel but the truth is if we steady our walk with God and are open and obedient to His leading in our lives, He will bring the best out in us to show.

Blessed day. Be Inspired




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