Talk to you

Your heart has been broken again and again. My heart reaches out to you

It’s been one failed friendship to the next. I know it’s hard

You failed that exam over and over. I don’t think its hard luck

You have been working at that job so hard, yet nothing to show for it. Maybe working SMART is an option.

You see people get into this fix most of it not all of the time and all they do is blame other people, blame the economy, accuse people’s attitude but they never look within.

True change and progress comes when you sit down and have a meeting without self. The worst of all flatteries is SELF FLATTERY. You can not lie to you that will only make you stupid that is why even the bible says check to see if you are STANDING. Have a talk with yourself. Forget others and be honest to you and you will be amazed and the changes you will make and help you can get to make you all better.

I pray that this goes a long way to help you. You are special, you are loved and you are chosen.



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