Learning To Walk With Your Instincts 2

Love is a beautiful thing. Does it require precaution? Maybe/ maybe not.

She looked so fine and oh her smile. God has a way of gifting us that in some eyes it just looks biased but He is too purposeful for that. He like many others tried to warm their way into her heart. It is not like her heart is made of gold but know what the bible says” the heart is deceitful above all things. Who can understand it but God”(paraphrased). Their hearts just choose to make her their target . What ever the validity was, it was true to then.

Days came and went. So too months and years and he seemed to stay constant not #consistent though. Most thought that they looked apt and perfect. People can and will always talk from what they see not what they know. Here is where instincts steps in if possible a ” prayer of inquiry”. Something just didn’t settle within her. It was a hard inner battle

She began to sway but will not vouched into his requested yet. there was a red spark but she just couldn’t tell if she failed to see what others are seeing or if she is just being different or if she is just not ready. Time and events kept her in a deli-ma. It  wasn’t it and she just knew. She made up her mind that picking him in the lot is not a decision for now ( 2 can not walk unless be agreed).

Sometimes she felt like she was not so much tolerant. She must just have her emotions all twisted but you know what she was right to stick with her instincts. Not long she discovered how Guarded she had been. He was two-timing. Keeping his options open , making her an option while acting like she is royal. Option B hit rock-bottom like now and then he starts smuggling all the sweetness in. Thank God she didn’t sway.

Lesson: Never be with someone using another persons conviction but yours. #justsaying ( learn to walk with your instincts and most importantly inner witness)


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