Learning To Walk With Your Instincts 1

She woke up not feeling like work. So she decided that she will use the “i am not feeling well” line and skip work for the day so that she could rest. Sometimes the body just needs rest even so the mind.

She sleeps till 8:30am. Lazying in the bathroom, she finally gets busy and decides to top her phone so she can call her supervisor that she will not be coming to work. On her way to the supermarket to get recharge card, she felt the need to get a new bus card and head to work.

Why in God’s name am I taking a bus? I don’t even want to go to that office?

As she gets to the security check before entering the premises, the security told her ” you are needed in the management office” In her head she ignored him ” I am not the first person to get in late, what the heck?” As she proceeds check, same message was related to her.This is no longer funny, what is going on ? she asked herself.

Her gold is missing and you were the only one who attended to her room. What? How so? I am not a thief and I didn’t see any gold talk less of touching it. Is it because I am in the only black around? Are you even sure she cam to our hotel with such valuables? Why didn’t she use the save given by the hotel in the room?

The questions can go on and on

Point to take home: The case is still on going but then if she had stayed home and not followed her instincts to go to work it would have been impossible to proof that she didn’t steal from that lady? Learning to walk with our instincts can save us even from us.



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