It Not Just You,7000 More

Life gets so fussy sometimes that you begin to question everything ; your job, career, marital destiny, business and even your faith. That same faith that brought you through valley situations to mountain tops. That faith that gave your testimonies when you least expected.

Now it feels like the faith is not working anymore. Like is stuck up somewhere unreachable. That is a lie. There might be some work to be done or steadiness in your body , soul and spirit. Believe me even the great prophet was in the same shoes.We are told he was of like passions like us.

Do you remember that time Elijah was agonizing over this same Israel and cried out in prayer?

God, they murdered your prophets,
They trashed your altars;
I’m the only one left and now they’re after me!

And do you remember God’s answer?

I still have seven thousand who haven’t quit,
Seven thousand who are loyal to the finish.

You are not the only one wondering if your faith and other things are not working. Stay true and you see the mighty move of God. He likes for you to be real about how you feel and to make moves as He leads


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