Temporal Love Affair -Finale


smile through it all and learn the lesson taught

His Spirit bears witness with ours

The check were so strong that i began to pray and ask God to help me follow His path not mine. By this time, he is away on meeting for fortification. At the return so much had changed. The usual question like ; how is mom? was now answered my mom is fine. Hmm. Now I understand the place of being sensitive and how to discern.

You know what they say about asking the honest question?. I asked and the bomb came but thank God who had prepared me for it. The explanation was out right silly to me as if to see a church is a building ( he said God told him he will meet his rib in a church and oops for me we didn’t meet in a “church”).

Lessons I learnt

  1. I thought I had grown my hearing God but its a daily walk
  2. I learned that our personal convictions should stand out above another persons
  3. That I should always hear God for myself
  4. Trust the signals in my spirit
  5. Above all, anything that tries to be first in my life above my God aint worth it

No matter how temporal “love” last. Lessons will always be learnt


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