Temporal Love Affair -Part 2


Love face lol

It’s okay to miss it in your walk and then retrace and learn better……

It all felt so perfect. It seemed all I had heard God say ( now i know that it was maybe my desire that I heard) that he will come from that part of the world and find me and you know what they say “forever after.

We dived into fasting as he advised. Oh my. He provided the powerful prayers for our future. oh i knew the devil was in for it. In my mind i saw angels around all as it relates to us 24’7.Despite the time difference, we broke the fast together and took turns in praying for us all before bed time( i’m sure young christian single ladies imagine this) .The bible study schedules. I can go on on and you will know why it wasn’t hard to #tag God to it all

I started having checks in my spirit but i ignored them because to me the devil cannot  pry into my prayer list and produce almost  the exact( i see better the place of watch and pray)………… to be continued

How often have you tagged God with something that was just you and possibly the subtle deceiver?


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