My Truths On Emotional Sowing and Reaping

Another fact about truth is that every thing and every action has got a pay back time. Are you one that uses them, their money, cheat on them, and turn them into emotional wrecks despite the fact that they are true to you? Do not be surprised that, that one person that all your hots will long for will do same to you  if not worst. This is not my wish  or prayer for you but be true and be you; exploiting people never ends well (ask Laban).

You will reap only what you sow; you took their only pride and shattered their dreams but know this when you will be in the same “pot”, “they” will rock your world. Hey don’t tell me love is an illusion or you are not one of those who loves. I bet you, at one point in Life you are bound too. It’s not late you can still make amends. You are not a bad person. It is never too late to change and make a difference.


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