My Truths About Daring

Another truth is; it is true that one must dare in life. Daring is cool but it can come  with good tidings as well as jinx, but dear the things you dare to do how does he/ she feels about this? How does it add to you now? Does it matter to you? It should. We all need romantic partners but now to what extend? You can hug them, kiss them, caress them, cuddle them and all but know that it all depends on whom and in what circumstances #marriage.

To get our relationships moving, we should find out what your guy or gal doesn’t like you doing (courting). Because the truth is that you dare to do things you see others do but that’s not right. The only one person you could emulate is Christ. Try to be your own man and not people’s man okay. I might not know much but I thankful for that which I know because it gets me going and I am me not you. So dare but with caution #Wisdom


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