Labour of Love

Love is hard. It is not as easy it sound. I have had my heart broken and I have broken other hearts. I love love and one fact about love which I am learning to accept is that it is hard

Hard Love

Life will make faces at you but your labour of love will be rewarded

People let you down, you let them down. Others betray your trust you theirs. Love is especially hard when we judge our motive as right. You find yourself reaching out to family, friends, colleagues, church members, communities, calling, texting, sharing, just pouring out yourself. Some appreciate it, others see you as nosy, others thing you are so full of yourself. You sometimes feel like what the heck, why am I bending head on heel for? See keep at it. The labour of love is not an easy one. Ask Jesus Christ and He will tell you.

Love is hard that is why we are encouraged to not grow weary in well doing.Oh yes it can really weary you, feeling so unappreciated.The consolation should not be to gain people’s applause, or taking a bow, It should come from the greater good and knowledge of a far greater glory. He will not forget your labour of love ( Heb 6:10). Even our great God knows that love is labour. Look at your life, how many times have you made God to just want to flip sides if He could, How many times in a day do you grief His Spirit.

Love is hard. Our God is a hard lover and so from Him we draw strength to labour in love. Peace!


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