Mix It For Profits

I am a “fries” kind of person not healthy; #Cameroonian Foodies but very “snacky” lol. I love to make our popular Cameroonian snack called “chin-chin”. I remember my University days when I assisted my Aunt make and sell this snack (lots of profits for me)


Faith will make any word profit us

Now if you get all the items needed; flour, eggs, sugar, milk, nutmeg or any other flavoring, baking powder, butter, a bowl, rolling board or stick and lay them on your slap or work surface; even if you watch the items for hours and appreciate how beautifully aligned they are on the work space, you will not get the “chin-chin” out. The problem is not that you did not get the right ingredients but what you needed to do with them.

Even if you pour the right portions of each item in the bowl it won’t do the magic. The ingredients have to be mixed to the right feel, flattened and cut to desired shape and fried to desired color to get out the crunchy “chin-chin”

chin chin

Delicious chin chin, visit http://www.preciouscore.com for recipe

It is the same process we use with God’s Word we hear daily and the given us by Him directly. For us to see results, we need to mix the Word with Faith (Heb 4:2). Do not just read the Word or listen to it, rehearse it, engage your faith for profiting


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