Finding Rest

Did you ever find yourself trying to have a conversation with someone with good intentions and it feels like they are moving from front to back and then midway to the top and at the end the purpose is achieved? Well I had that kind of conversation today with my(our) Father  today from the book of Hebrews 4.

4:1 God calls us to watch out so that we do not fall short of entering His superior rest (not the temporal kind from material stuffs and possessions). Is there unrest in your life?

4:3 Those of us who believe (hallelujah) have entered His rest. Do you believe? In what and whom? How do we then enter rest?

4:2 By mixing every open and private promise He made to us with #Faith and

4:10 ceasing from our own rest ( doing stuffs to get His approval, rather than receive His approval for choosing us)

4:16 which gives us access to the throne room of grace and mercy where our own High Priest (Jesus Christ)

4:12 identifies with our feelings.

So whatever you are feeling, trust Him and enter His rest. I decree rest for you.


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