Fragrance, Fragrances

Do you have you fragrance on?


My Truths About Daring

Another truth is; it is true that one must dare in life. Daring is cool but it can come  with good tidings as well as jinx, but dear the things you dare to do how does he/ she feels about this? How does it add to you now? Does it matter to you? It should. We all need romantic partners but now to what extend? You can hug them, kiss them, caress them, cuddle them and all but know that it all depends on whom and in what circumstances #marriage.

To get our relationships moving, we should find out what your guy or gal doesn’t like you doing (courting). Because the truth is that you dare to do things you see others do but that’s not right. The only one person you could emulate is Christ. Try to be your own man and not people’s man okay. I might not know much but I thankful for that which I know because it gets me going and I am me not you. So dare but with caution #Wisdom

My Truths About Sexual Feelings

The truth is that every one of us is human but our human nature of feelings ought to be controlled; God needs to be by us to see us through. The demand for sex from young boys and girls is high and very pressurizing but the truth is that fornication is wrong. It is true that it is hard to resist but we can be resistant to this odd God helping and our own determination inline with what we want from life. The truth about fornication is that it might be suppressed for a while from public view but it cannot be conquered or hidden for a life time, the truth will always out.

The truth is that most boys/ men are weak when it comes to their emotions as such they need girls/ women who are strong in controlling this emotions for a wonderful time so they can avoid certain wrongs. Reverse is the case with women. Also its true that love is about sharing one another’s concerns and interest, so tell what love is there when you love me and cannot respect my opinion about sex out of marriage?. Every one has things or principles which they uphold either for God and for their self esteem okay, so know that no one is refusing to have sex with you because you aint good enough or because they desire it with some one else. The truth is good for us all to engage in certain things in right timing.

Labour of Love

Love is hard. It is not as easy it sound. I have had my heart broken and I have broken other hearts. I love love and one fact about love which I am learning to accept is that it is hard

Hard Love

Life will make faces at you but your labour of love will be rewarded

People let you down, you let them down. Others betray your trust you theirs. Love is especially hard when we judge our motive as right. You find yourself reaching out to family, friends, colleagues, church members, communities, calling, texting, sharing, just pouring out yourself. Some appreciate it, others see you as nosy, others thing you are so full of yourself. You sometimes feel like what the heck, why am I bending head on heel for? See keep at it. The labour of love is not an easy one. Ask Jesus Christ and He will tell you.

Love is hard that is why we are encouraged to not grow weary in well doing.Oh yes it can really weary you, feeling so unappreciated.The consolation should not be to gain people’s applause, or taking a bow, It should come from the greater good and knowledge of a far greater glory. He will not forget your labour of love ( Heb 6:10). Even our great God knows that love is labour. Look at your life, how many times have you made God to just want to flip sides if He could, How many times in a day do you grief His Spirit.

Love is hard. Our God is a hard lover and so from Him we draw strength to labour in love. Peace!

Mix It For Profits

I am a “fries” kind of person not healthy; #Cameroonian Foodies but very “snacky” lol. I love to make our popular Cameroonian snack called “chin-chin”. I remember my University days when I assisted my Aunt make and sell this snack (lots of profits for me)


Faith will make any word profit us

Now if you get all the items needed; flour, eggs, sugar, milk, nutmeg or any other flavoring, baking powder, butter, a bowl, rolling board or stick and lay them on your slap or work surface; even if you watch the items for hours and appreciate how beautifully aligned they are on the work space, you will not get the “chin-chin” out. The problem is not that you did not get the right ingredients but what you needed to do with them.

Even if you pour the right portions of each item in the bowl it won’t do the magic. The ingredients have to be mixed to the right feel, flattened and cut to desired shape and fried to desired color to get out the crunchy “chin-chin”

chin chin

Delicious chin chin, visit for recipe

It is the same process we use with God’s Word we hear daily and the given us by Him directly. For us to see results, we need to mix the Word with Faith (Heb 4:2). Do not just read the Word or listen to it, rehearse it, engage your faith for profiting