God Is Not A Dictator

Is God a dictator? Questioning a dictator is as good as signing your dead warrant.For History lovers like us when in High School ( still love world History studies but not as then) when we hear the name #Adolf Hitler, everyone terms him a dictator. We have present day dictators in Countries as Presidents and other leaders; reason being they dish our harsh judgement, are self-centered and do not cater for the greater good of the masses. I do not understand why people try to paint God so.

Why do people term or act like God is a dictator. Growing up, I heard that we do not question God but beg Him. He is not a dictator please. He is a loving Father and ever open to our questions. He will direct us and not punish us for asking him what we need or don’t understand.Do not let no preacher, teacher, deceive you. Settle in the Word for yourself.David asked God, what is my end? Ps 39:4. Moses got to a point where he had to ask God what next? God seeks us to inquire of Him and He will sure direct us as we can not lead ourselves


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