Do Not Fear The Unknown

Business people talk of uncertainty and yet they know that business is risk and so they risk into the unknown to make worth their investment. I often hear a lot ; no i use it often my self” the fear of the unknown. Prince Ea says ” Faith is taking a step into the unknown” #Justhisopinion from valid understanding.

Few days ago, me and my girl went to shop for a cute dress and you know how it is when you walk into a shopping mall and sales are on? Very confusing as you want to buy everything but you just can’t. What we wanted to the best of our knowledge was not on sale and the price to us was high #expensive. So we kept going up and down and up and down to find something within our budget. We finally settled for a particular dress and when we got the the counter to pay, we  released it was way less than the original #pricetag on the dress and we were like ” we should have taken 2 dresses”

As we left there, heading home. God began impressing on my spirit. We often turn to fear the unknown without cause. We let anxiety build up without cause. Even with a cause we have no need to fear for He will never leave us or forsake us. Redemption wroth so much for us and all we need do is dive into. We should have walked up to the counter and ask how much; no one would have sued us for that, that is why we have a customer service team. Because we kept our mouths shut we wasted time. Call on me and I will show you great and mighty things which you know that. Do not let the unknown keep you from living out this precious gift of life and purpose.

Do not let the fear of the unknown keep you stock. Search the known. Ask and you will receive. Perfect love cast out all fears

Stay blessed. #realaboutlife



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