Women Rise Up

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A big thump up to every hardworking, strong enterprising career woman, girl, lady ,wife, sister etc who put in all their best in working and supporting themselves and their families. In the society today some women think that they are working to do men a favor. No you are so wrong. Most Christian women see the man as provider so some of them just lazy around ( it churns my tummy). I was studying this morning and came across this scripture  in Isa 32:9.

 Rise up, ye women that are at ease; hear my voice, ye careless daughters; give ear unto my speech.

Listen, you women who lie around in ease.
    Listen to me, you who are so smug.

Take your stand, indolent women!
    Listen to me!
Indulgent, indolent women,
    listen closely to what I have to say.
In just a little over a year from now,
    you’ll be shaken out of your lazy lives

Get up, you women who lie around in your life of ease;
    hear my voice, you careless daughters, and listen to what I have to say.

I did put up many version of it so that you wake up. You are not doing any man a favor by being hard working you are only making life easy for you. So my ladies, for those who are pushing their careers, businesses and other ventures in humility , love and respect, kudos. for those who have been ignorantly lazy and waiting just to receive wake up before a shaking comes that will flip you over and maybe not in a good way. No  hard feelings intended but i just don’t do lazy women .

Stay blessed. There is dignity in labor.


5 thoughts on “Women Rise Up

  1. While I do see women who look for sugar daddies so they can be indolent, there are also stay at home moms who choose to forfeit an income so they can raise their children at home. That is work in itself which does not pay a salary, unfortunately. But yes, I do agree with you that women need to find ways to educate themselves and work, but also not at the expense of not being there for their children. Children are also the future, not just what a woman earns.

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    • Sure you are right. I also know great moms who raise their kids and still earn an income from home. If a woman is industrious, she can still raise her kids while others manage her affairs and she receives feedback on it. I see a generation of industrious family raising women doing impacts. Thank you for your brilliant comment

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