Road Accidents In Cameroon

“Your life is worth more than a selfie”

“Do not drive while taking a call”


Now we can quote and bring out all the cute phrases and pictures and all to demonstrate the importance of care to be taken while driving be it at night or during the day. In my opinion developing countries need to be more watchful while driving because the the roads do not do them justice but that is the contrary.

Just this March 2016 in my beautiful country Cameroon, I have heard of all kinds of death stories, from suicide to negligence to road accidents( rampant).

What is the government saying or doing about this?

What is the Minister of Transport all about and the ministry that is if it exist as I fail to see their potency? I might be wrong but this makes no sense. Some time last year I lost a dear friend with so much potentials at just age 30 on these “supposed” newly enhanced roads.

Does the President of this nation ever get to hear or even look into stuff like this?

Cameroonians in and out, help me understand this. It’s just weighing on me this morning. We can pray all the prayers there are to pray but if no measures taken then our faith has no works


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