Leave Out Various Evils


Knowledge puffs up but love builds up. Love is strong and strange, it can do and undo. In short it is the most powerful force in life. Love is a strong, deep;that’s why;

Love is patient and kind

Love is not jealous and proud

Love is not ill-mannered or selfish

Love does not keep record of wrong

Love is not happy with evil

Love never gives up

Love is eternal.


So if you sacrifice all you have and even your body to be burnt without love, it counts for nothing. Perfect love cast out all fears. Know that the greatest of all flatteries is self-love because you can not love just you. We need not mystify life, we all are bound to love at one point or another in our lives, therefore if you do not love or cannot love, start praying hard because you need rescuing.

God loves us, same with Christ, so we too must love another and this love must be unconditional; it should be pure. Remember love cannot live under domination. Also know that power, is the ability to walk way from something you desire to protect what you love. The atmosphere we permit determines what we will produce. So if you love, you will produce good and lovely products.


Love is the sweetest name and the sweetest thing you can ever wish to experience in this life and live with. It lays the sense of our being. They say when you love someone; that is something, when you love people you are blessed and life becomes easier for you and all. Also know this we don’t “fall in love” we walk into it because when we fall, waking up might be with bruises.


We could do much good to ourselves by always knowing or trying to build in our minds that we will never meet anyone we do not love. Love makes life easier. Therefore Leave Out Various Evils.


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