IN CHARGE: Finding The Leader Within You By Dr. Myles Munroe (Part I)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. Look within and above and be all He created you to be

Vincent Wambua

As the eve of the New Year draws near, I feel super generous, thrilled and excited to share mind blowing success skills that I picked from one of my best read this year :In Charge. Well, life springs and blossoms when you stride in the drivers seat and take charge of both immeasurable and minute aspects that touch on your progress!  This book has simple practical ideas on how you can effectively take charge of your Life and unearth the leader within you. Enjoy!

“Of all the challenges our 21st Century World must confront such as terrorism, wars, epidemics, global warming and corporate corruption, the greatest challenge is finding effective leaders”

~Dr. Myles Munroe

myles munroe


  1. Why Lead?
  2. This is My Spot: Go Find Yours!
  3. Jockeying for Positions
  4. It’s Greek to me: Out with Old Ideas
  5. Check the Reservations: Your name is on the Roll!
  6. Leaders are Made Not Born:…

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