Only marry if…

Marriage is a gift. Take your time and ask all worth asking before stepping into it. You won’t fail

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It’s no secret that a lot of marriages end on the rocks. If the couple does not break up, they will be together but live miserably as a couple.

Imagine a marriage which starts in heaven but ends in hell!

Have you ever tried to think about this and to figure out what is the cause?

A relationship cannot start so well and end so badly for nothing. There must be a reason.

What is this reason? More importantly, how can this be avoided?

The reason is simple and clear. Many people hurry into marriage without proper preparation. And because they have not prepared well, they do not know the person they are going into marriage with.

It is important that before you take the decision to commit yourself to someone for life as a spouse, you know the person. This is nothing new; but very few people take this…

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