Stop All The “Fakeness”


You do not seem to understand why you?! Why people just can’t be them? Why people can’t be real. If I love you I will tell you, just to free my emotions. If I see your lips and it’s so cute and I want kiss them; though I won’t ( #righttiming) but the reason I get to be honest is because I won’t give him room to make me feel guilty. The truth setting free is deeper than just knowing the Word.

You criticise people for being them because you fear being you as to save face with men. That’s enslaving for you because this men you are saving faces for in some part of them know that you are not real.

You wear short cloths to work and get all “nunnery” when it’s church time?

You use red lipstick but can’t use read hair?

You can hug me in the closet but can’t hold my hand on the streets?

I will show you my lion and dove side, each as per the situation but the truth is I like to be real to me before being real to you because the only way one can be true to you is if they are true to themselves.

This “fakeness” is the reason for divorce, wrong marriage choices, sucide,gossips (you can just tell it in the face than do the back thing)

Double sidedness, double standards is this helping us? #LOUDTHOUGTS


2 thoughts on “Stop All The “Fakeness”

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    1. Thank you, i believe that we can truly get help and be better if we are real to ourselves that way people know when, where an dhow to help us but faking it gives the impression of all sufficiency in lies


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