Stillness In The Storm

Now truth is told, no matter whom you are, what you have or where you are, we all face ups and downs in our lives, business, career and families. The difference is in the appellations.

You call it challenges, problems; we call it opportunity to manifest His Glory

You call it pain, we call it light affliction which will pass like all else

You say it’s shameful; you can’t be shameful of what is gainful

You call it trials; I say it’s the testing of my faith that worked patience, endurance and hope

There is stillness in knowing who controls your world;

If it’s the banking institutions then you have to cut back on your sleep to tail the market moves

If it is the Creator of the storms, then we can be still, knowing that no one knows how to manoeuvre its own products like the Manufacture

Our stillness is not in the absence of storms, it’s in the Presence of the calmer of storms

God never worries; Trust His Control and Character (Ps46:10)


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