Don’t choke on it

Good Vs Bad
We all get the rough patches in life and too we walk in the blissful ones. So why beat yourself so bad for the wrong decisions you made. I am a strong a believer in love and the many things that I love and believe in (food, cloths, music). I know it hurts when you believe in sometime and it lets you down. You often feel like you didn’t just make a mistake but you are a mistake.

You stay down choking on your mistakes. You have to forgive yourself. I have had my share of mistakes and honesty there was nothing to write home about. Knowledge dropped that my hurt will heal when I first forgive myself and know that I am human; I make mistakes but I can be better and work towards perfection.

Be true to you. We hurt, we wrong others, they wrong us and on and on we go. These sneaky mistakes more often than not work for our good. Now it feels like the end of your world but if you look deep it is just life opening up in new sphere.

Forgive yourself first and always expect the good.  Our God is not just a got a second chances but of countless new opportunities. Wake up from the mistake pity-party and life anew. YES YOU CAN.


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