I Nominate You


I am humbled by you Heidi Jones. Thank you

–  Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
–  Add the logo to your post.
–  Nominate ten (10) bloggers you admire and inform them of the nomination.

I do not just love reading but i love to read what in spires me so i nominate you for how inspiring you have been to me and how by how i can describe you in one word

1. https://heidijoneschronicillness.wordpress.com

2. https://virgobeauty.wordpress.com/

3. https://decodinghappiness.wordpress.com

4. https://straightplains.wordpress.com

5. https://klregister.wordpress.com




9. https://predestinedpurpose.wordpress.com

10. https://priyajivrajani.wordpress.com

Just to inspire you more

God at work


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