Love Is A Strange Thing

Life is all about equality. We should try to make the people we love to be what and everything we want them to be. We should learn to see beyond mere clothing and social status. Love is a strange thing which can tear families apart because it looks beyond the body ( color, size) and sees what every other person does not. True love when given a yard takes a mile especially when the persons involved have been guarding themselves jealously for each other so that no matter whatever crime one partner commits, be it poverty or lack of clothing or social status the fear of all this can not be greater than the love itself. Love can change anything; people marry thieves and make them born again, others drunkards and get them to stop drinking so we should learn to look beyond appearance and looks.

We should go in for people who no matter what, nobody can cause us to forget them, people whom no matter how brief they stay in our lives leave a permanent mark in us, whose memories can never be forgotten. We should tell the people we love what we have never and will never tell anyone else. Love indeed is a strange tale which can change all and everything.

I will continue ………


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